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Learn languages.


Be Playful. Be Effective.

We use theatre games and exercises to get you talking and connecting in your new language.


                                And yes, it's for adults!


​We are experienced language teachers

& professional actors


and we run incredibly fun & effective

language courses !

How do our courses work?

We believe that having fun is the key to learning things and remembering them.

We have adapted all of our classes to an online format where we still use theatre games and playfulness to practice a new language in a fun and memorable way.

In our online classes, you will work with other students to create theatre scenes.

You'll get to plan and prepare in breakout rooms and then perform the scenes to the group.


Sometimes you'll work from a script, and mostly you'll improvise your own (don't worry, we know you're not exactly fluent yet).

You'll work on your grammar and  build your vocabulary, as well as improving your confidence....and your screen presence for your next video conference.

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*No previous acting experience required.

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Why play with languages?

Our brains learn best when in play mode and a language is easily improved through real interactions.

What will happen when you join?

You will learn new vocabulary & improve your grammar and pronunciation.

You will have your new language ready to use in the real world.


You will also:

  • Build your confidence and feel more comfortable with the language.

  • Improve your performance skills (screen-presence, confidence, partner work, etc.)

  • Connect with other people

  • Release some daily stress.

  • Boost your energy and have fun.

You don't learn well in a class room situation.

You want to remember
what you've learnt.

You're tired of Netflix and want to get active and creative again.

You want to impress others with your new language skills.

You want to be able
to use what you've learnt
in real life.

You want to learn
or improve a language.

You're dyslexic.

You want to fall in love with your inner child.


You have ADHD.

You want to do something new without pressure or judgement.

You want
to have fun.

You learn best when using your whole body.

You love acting and always wanted to give it a go.

You tried online language courses, but they just didn't work for you.

All of our classes are held in-person.

However, during lockdown we have developed a method to bring the classes into your homes :)


How do our classes even work online?

The “academic” part of the class is simple:

The class is run on zoom and so the teacher sees and hears all of the students.

We can speak, ask questions, and get answers.
And instead of our old-fashioned whiteboard, we will use the chat and the screen share features. 

The acting-playing-performing part is simple too:

We took this lockdown time to develop new games and understand how zoom can work for us in an acting class.

We are now taking all this knowledge and using it to create the most wonderful and memorable language classes.

Check our online acting school Theatre Gym to see how we play online.

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What Our Students Say

"When I first signed up to a Play with Spanish taster session the idea of having to ‘act’ (and in Spanish too!!) filled me with dread...I'm now on my 5th term and haven’t looked back! My acting comfort zone has definitely expanded and every class puts a smile on my face… I’m improving my Spanish as well as building transferable presentation skills and confidence."


- Tasha, Winter 2021 Play with Spanish Online Course

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