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Learn languages.


Be Playful. Be Effective.

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We teach languages using theatre exercises, and acting skills in an environment that is always relaxed, creative and playful.


and yes, it's for adults!


​We are language teachers

& professional actors


and we run the most fun & effective

language courses !

How do our courses work?

We believe that having fun is the key to learning things and remembering them.


So we use theatre games and exercises to get you talking and connecting in your new language.

You will work with other students to create theatre scenes with characters you'll make up.

You'll get to perform the scenes and get



Sometimes you'll work from a script, and mostly you'll improvise your own (don't worry, we know you're not exactly fluent yet).

You'll work on your confidence as well as your grammar & improve your vocabulary and your social skills.

You don't need any acting experience!

Two students using props to learn language skills
Two students using theatre to learn language skills

Why play with languages?

Our courses are super fun

but they are also super effective.

Here is why:


Our brains learn best when in play mode and a language is easily improved through human interactions.



When we play we are more engaged and open to learn new things.

And what we learn through play and interactions stays in our memory way longer than anything we'll learn from books.



This is why Play with Languages is a super effective way to learn a language.


(and did we say it's fun, too?)

You want to learn

or improve a language.

You're dyslexic.

You're not good

at learning on your own.

You have ADHD.

You want to remember

what you've learnt.


You are really

just a big child.

You want

to have fun.

You want to be able

to use what you've learnt

in real life.

You want to

improve your stage skills & confidence.

Three students using  acting to learn language skills

What will happen when you join?

You will learn new vocabulary & improve your grammar and pronunciation.

You will have your new language ready to use in the real world.


You will also:

- Build up your confidence and feel more                


- Improve your performance skills

   (presence, confidence, partner work, etc.)

- and have lots of fun.


And by playing games you will:

- Connect with other people

- Boost your energy

- Release some daily stress.


(And you will also make new friends from around the world)

What Our Students Say


I was so surprised that I enjoyed the acting and improvising element of the course as much as I did, as someone who gave up drama at school as soon as I could!

Clare, Summer 2018

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