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Be Playful. Be effective.

We teach you Spanish through theatre performance.

Students using  acting to learn language skills

What's Play with Spanish.?

We are language teachers and professional actors & we use theatre games and exercises to get you talking and connecting in your new language.


You don't need any acting experience!


Expect it to be fun!

Why learn through play?

Our brain learns best when it's in play mode

and a language is learnt best through real social interactions.


You will improve your Spanish,

Meet new people,

Build up your confidence,

Improve your social skills,

Play like a child,

Release your day to day stress.

“Play is the highest form of research.”


- Albert Einstein

Students using acting to learn language skills

What will happen when you join?

You will learn new vocabulary & Improve your grammar and pronunciation.

You will have your new language ready to use in the real world.


You will also:

Build up your confidence,

Improve your performance skills (presence, confidence, partner work etc.) and have lots of fun.


and by playing games you will:

Connect with other people

Boost your energy

& release some daily stress.

We're pretty sure you will also make new friends.

Spanish booking

When ,where & what we play. 

What we play.


6/02 - Spanish Music Time (and acting)


13/02 - What's Your Move? (Fitness and acting in Spanish)

20/02 - No Class!


27/02 - We're Working with Scenes from Famous Spanish plays


05/03 - Famous Plays Dress Up


12/03 - Famous Plays in Spanish and Working with a Partner 


19/03 - Searching for Love 


26/03 - Pretending


02/04 - Play with Theatre. Create and Perform in Spanish 

When we play.

Thursdays 7pm-9pm

23rd Jan - 2nd Apr 2020

*No class on 20th Feb*

Where we play.

Theatre Delicatessen

2 Finsbury Ave, London,



Door price £30

Advance booking £28

Your Spanish teacher


HOLA! I'm Amanda.

I am an actress and Spanish and Drama tutor. I have trained as a performer in my home country Puerto Rico and in the UK. 


I absolutely love teaching, playing and integrating drama games, physical theatre and straight acting into my Spanish tuition. 


I can't wait to meet you and have fun in the language I love so much. As well as show you a few Puertoricanisms.

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