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The 21st of March is World Poetry Day and we thought it is a brilliant opportunity to bring you some beautiful poetry and its translation into English.

The translation will come first, but feel free to skip it (if you dare).

Pablo Neruda/ Spanish poet,


Acid and sword blade: the fragrance

of plum in the pathways:

tooth’s sweetmeat of kisses,

power and spilth on the fingers,

the yielding erotic of pulps,

hayricks and threshing floors, clandestine

recesses that tempt through the vastness of houses;

bolsters asleep in the past, the bitter green valley,

seen from above, from the glasses’ concealment;

and drenching and flaring by turns, adolescence

like a lamp overturned in the rain.

“Youth” from General Song, 1950


Un perfume como una ácida espada

de ciruelas en un camino,

los besos del azúcar en los dientes,

las gotas vitales resbalando en los dedos,

la dulce pulpa erótica,

las eras, los pajares, los incitantes

sitios secretos de las casas anchas,

los colchones dormidos en el pasado, el agrio valle verde

mirado desde arriba, desde el vidrio escondido:

toda la adolescencia mojándose y ardiendo

como una lámpara derribada en la lluvia.

Published in Selected Poems of Pablo Neruda

Edited and translated by Ben Belitt

Copyright © Fundación Pablo Neruda, 2009

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