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And it's yours forever

What's Play with Spanish.?

Play with Spanish is a playful way to learn a language.

We are language teachers and professional actors & we use acting games and exercises to get you talking and connecting in your new language.

Why learn through play?

Our brain learns best when it's in play mode

and a language is learnt best through real social interactions.


You will improve your Spanish,

Meet new people,

Build up your confidence and acting skills

Play like a child,

Release some stress and have fun.

You don't need any acting experience!  It' s all just fun and games.


“Play is the highest form of research.”


- Albert Einstein

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What will happen when you join?

You will learn new vocabulary & Improve your grammar and pronunciation.

You will have your new language ready to use in the real world.


You will also:

Improve your performance skills (presence / screen presence, confidence, partner work etc.)

Connect with other people

Boost your energy & release some daily stress.

and most importantly:

You will remember what you've learnt.

Your Spanish teacher.


Hi, I'm Azahara.

I'm originally from Spain and a CELTA Certificate in English Language teacher.
CELTA stands for Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults and is authorised by Cambridge English Teaching Qualification centres.
I am also a Spanish teacher and an actress. I went to university in Spain, Italy and the UK.
Eight years ago, I started teaching Spanish in London.
My approach for teaching Spanish is very innovative. As a polyglot myself, I apply a mix of different approaches when teaching Spanish, based on my own experience learning languages and on my training as a language tutor. 

I studied acting at Identity Drama School and the University of East London.
I've worked in the film industry since 2004.


What students say

Here are our 2020 Online students talking, over zoom, about their 2020 experience with Play with Spanish

Book a course &
Play with Spanish. 

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